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City Water, Well Water, Bottled Water: Know What You’re Drinking

We all depend on water for our survival and we all have it running in our homes.  Regardless of if you are using city water, well water and bottled water you run the risk of taking in toxins and contaminates; some sources run a bigger risk than others.  Do you know what is in your drinking water?  It is often chlorine, chloramines, lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and even feces and without the best drinking water filters you may be at risk!

Our drinking water quality continues to fall and the government is not doing much about it.  Chlorine or worse yet, chloramines are being added to our water supply to act as a disinfectant and with the levels used this in itself poses a serious risk.  Even purchased drinking water programs often fail to filter out all of the chemicals and contaminates in the water used and many of them do not remove chloramines.  Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia and can become carcinogenic when combined with some organic compounds, the same organics that are commonly found in our water sources.  Another problem is posed with bottled water and that is the toxins that are in the bottles.  BPA in plastic drinking water bottles has been linked to cancer making another concern we must keep in mind with our drinking water.

Additionally our ground water is suffering much contamination with the huge level of pesticides, animal feces from farming and other contaminates that reach our ground water and put us in risk.  This is why, no matter what the source of your drinking water is, water filters are a necessity.

We have established that water filters for our drinking water such as under the sink water filters are a must, but can we really afford to neglect the contaminates and toxins that are in the water that we shower in, wash our clothing and dishes in and brush our teeth with?

The human body contains about 60% water.  The quality of the water we drink is important; however, equally important is the water we expose our bodies to.  Our skin absorbs everything that it comes in contact with including contaminates and toxins that are in the water while we shower.  The longer we are exposed to the water the worse that exposure is and children who enjoy playing in the bath for thirty to forty minutes are at an increased risk.  This can be lessened greatly with the installation of a whole house water filtration system.

We need water to survive; however, that survival can be made much longer when the water is pure and clean and free from toxins.  If you are not using the best drinking water filters or better yet, whole house water filtration, you may be consuming chlorine, sediments including rust, drugs, industrial waste, animal waste and in total about 80,000 chemicals and toxins.

City water, well water and even bottled water is simply not always safe for human exposure.  High quality water filters can protect you and your family from the harmful and often deadly contaminates in the water treatment chemicals manufacturer.  With all the pollution and toxins in the world today that increase our risks of cancer, home water filters can greatly reduce some of the risks.
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